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B-Scene Films -- Independent HD Film production and Videography

Aquarium Update

We recently finished conforming the Aquarium in post and corrected the issues that we had with the opening shot. We spent a lot of time sweetening the sound for the film as well. KC Phillips will be providing the ending theme music and we will be ready to release.

Private Paradise Update

Much more ambitious then The Aquarium, Private Paradise will involve about 15 locations in total. Both interiors and exteriors. The first draft is complete and in the words of Ernest Hemmingway, The first draft is always shit. The film looks to be around 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on how the re-writes go on this. I am being very careful with this project since it is my first real character driven drama. It should also stretch us as film makers requiring a large number of very challenging shots.

Videography updates: We recently did the videography for a local Opera company, doing coverage for the opera Aida by Verdi. We also covered a private concert at a beautiful home in Echo Park that featured a number of voice students displaying their talents with a number of show tunes.